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Fabulous French Casement Windows

If you are looking for French casement windows in Braintree, Chelmsford, Bishops-Stortford or in another area throughout Essex then Bluemanor Windows Ltd have exactly what you need. Our Liniar casement windows offer exceptional style blended perfectly with optimal durability and security. The end result of this top-of the-range manufacturing process is a set of windows that are the perfect fit for a wide variety of properties.

The beauty of French casement windows is the ability to provide an unobstructed view. With the function of a flying mullion, when opened fully a completely unrestricted view is created which is perfect for enjoying a look across your Chelmsford garden. A highly practical option, French casement windows are designed to be easily maintained. Just a wipe now and again will keep your new windows looking new all year round.

Environmentally Friendly French Casements

A Liniar French casement window from Bluemanor Windows Ltd is exceptionally friendly to the environment. Due to their 100% lead free materials, our UPVC French casement windows in Braintree and Essex are remarkably robust without the need for any steel reinforcements.

This makes them cost effective and 100% recyclable. Contributing to a greener environment is important, which is why installing our French casement windows will reduce your carbon footprint and the levels of CO2 emissions from your home, helping both you and the environment.

Fantastic French Casement Features

Our French casement windows offer highly secure locking systems from Yale for your peace of mind. All of our French casement windows are available with the option of shootbolt technology for the most secure design, which has helped our products become Secured by Design accredited.

Our French casement windows are available in a variety of colours and finishes including White, Cream or Irish Oak as standard. For the more bespoke appearance, opt for Chartwell Green or Grey. We’ll easily find the French casement window style to match your existing home.

Energy Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly

Bluemanor Windows

100% Lead-Free

A rarity in the market, our windows and doors are manufactured using a process that is 100% lead-free. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy contemporary standards in a way that is not detrimental to your health or to the environment.

Bluemanor Windows

Lower Carbon Footprint

As the modern profile that we use helps to keep the warmth in your home, you could find yourself using your heating less often. In turn, this means that you will use less energy across the year and therefore have a lower carbon footprint.

Bluemanor Windows

100% Recylcable

The profile used across our windows and doors comprises a fully recyclable design, ensuring they offer market-leading standards of performance and design in a sustainable way. It also makes them environmentally friendly for a greener home improvement solution.

Bluemanor Windows

Energy Efficient Profile

By using a multi-chambered design, all of our products are able to achieve an impressive level of thermal efficiency. This means that you can notably increase the potential heat retention of your home in a simple and stylish way that is perfect for your home.



Maximum Security

Embrace maximum security, and safeguard your home with double glazing products protected by state-of-the-art Yale shootbolt locking mechanisms.

Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee*

Once your double glazing product has been installed, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your product has been purpose-built to protect your home for the long-term. Each of our Yale shootbolt locks are guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years, *with the option to upgrade to a lifetime guarantee on completion of the installation.

£1,000 Security Guarantee

As a testament to the reliability of the Yale shootbolt locking system, your new double glazing product will come with a financial guarantee. In the unlikely event of a break-in, you will be entitled to an insurance pay-out of up to £1000.

British Standard Institute Specification (BSI)

Each stage of the Yale shootbolt manufacturing process involves rigorous testing against the latest BSI security standards pertaining to windows and doors. This guarantees you a top-of-the-range quality product every time.

Secured by Design

The Yale shootbolt locking mechanism has been officially accredited by the UK Police flagship initiative Secured by Design. This landmark accreditation endorses the Yale shootbolt as one of the most durable security products on the market in 2018.

Liniar Profile

The Liniar uPVC profile is a market leader in design and performance. Don’t settle for less than unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency, security and aesthetic.



This profile works to break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air to keep you warm.


Unique Glazing Flipper

This innovative feature is put in place to reduce cold transfer, water ingress and noise pollution.


Drainage Properties

Intelligently designed contours allow this profile to maximise natural drainage and prevent moisture.


Superior Gaskets

Keep the weather our with these double-action gaskets, maintaining tight weather seals throughout.


Thermal Dam

This unique feature captures and intelligent design that works to reduce heat transfer for a warmer home.


100% Lead-Free

The Liniar profile is manufactured using a lead-free process, which is better for the environment.

Features & Benefits of French Casement Windows

1. Flying Mullion

One sash is designed to carry the central mullion, so when fully opened your view is unobstructed, allowing the outdoor light to flood into your home.

2. Controlled Ventilation

Open your windows independently from the slave sash thanks to a master sash that creates adaptable ventilation, giving you complete control over your new double glazing.

3. 90° Hinge Opening

With a 90° sash opening you can create a greater feeling of space with the benefit of additional light and plenty of opportunities for fresh air to wash into your room.

4. Fire Escape

All of our French casement windows are Part B compliant, meaning that they are absolutely perfect for crafting narrow openings that can also function as a fire exit.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Like all of our UPVC products, our French casement are 100% recyclable and 100% lead free, showcasing our eco-friendly mind-set and helping both you and the environment.

6. Easy to Clean

An easy-clean hinge option allows our French casement windows to be incredibly low maintenance post-installation, so that you can enjoy your new product without hassle.

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Why Choose French Casement Windows?

Individually tailor made to suit your home and meet your individual requirements; French casement windows from Bluemanor Windows Ltd are lovingly designed specifically for you. Each is fully fitted with a controlled ventilation system, and our French casement windows in Braintree and Essex homes will look beautiful, offering fresh air and creating a light, bright space in your home.

An excellent choice for traditional country cottage style homes, French casement windows don’t compromise aesthetic style, and are also ideal for more contemporary properties as they feature the most-up-to date benefits of a new UPVC window. So choose one of our French casement windows for high security, excellent style and top energy efficiency, and complete your home in style.

French Casement Windows Prices

Our French casement windows prices are highly competitive, and we can guarantee that you will benefit from affordable yet durable products. Our quotes are exactly tailored to you and your particular specifications, ensuring that you benefit from French casement windows throughout Braintree and Essex that will suit your personalised home improvements budget.

You can get a free French casement windows quote by utilising our online quoting engine. This is quick and easy to do, and is the fastest way for you to find a quote that is specifically tailored to your exact requirements and specifications. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact our specialist team by filling out our contact form, and we’ll do everything that we can do help you.


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