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Integral Blinds in Braintree, Essex

Integral blinds are a cost-effective, excellent alternative to regular external blinds. Bluemanor are proud to offer customers in Braintree and Essex stylish and modern integral blinds from Between Glass Blinds. These magnetised, integrated blinds are a simple yet effective option for your windows and doors. They provide your home with privacy and light regulation without the need for visible hanging cords or flimsy sashes.

Available in Venetian and Pleated designs, these integral blinds offer a completely cordless system. This design is made up of internal slats sandwiched between the glass panels of your double glazed unit. This state-of-the-art option has become more and more popular for homeowners in recent years. Its sturdy yet visually pleasing design will give your window panes added safety with less upkeep.

We are committed to delivering the very best home improvements. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting an industry leading installation from our trusted experts at Bluemanor.

Windows With Built in Blinds

Our integral blinds are operated using discreet sliding magnets around the edge of each unit. They offer the ideal alternative to standard blinds with a smooth and energy efficient operation.

There are plenty of fantastic benefits to choosing windows with integrated blinds for your home improvement in Braintree or the surrounding Essex area. The snag-free design not only provides privacy and shading from the sun but is also a child and pet friendly, safer option to traditional designs.

The slats are safety tucked away in between the double glazed panels. Therefore they cannot be touched and cause potential damage to little ones or be damaged themselves.

Hygienic and Maintenance Free Integral Blinds

Another great benefit of our integrated blinds is that they require no maintenance and are far more hygienic than traditional Venetian blinds. As they sit inside the glass unit, there is never a need to wipe away dust or dirt, so you can enjoy a stylish installation in Essex that both cuts cleaning costs and reduces time consuming housework.

The airtight seal also eliminates any potential water damage. This means that these blinds are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where higher levels of condensation could be a worry. Coupled with the fact that they will never get twisted in draughty rooms, integral blinds are a fantastic option for your creative build in Braintree and Essex.

Versatile Integral Blinds in Braintree, Essex

These elegant integrated blinds can modernise your home improvement project. They are a fantastic option for bifolding doors or sliding doors as these styles operate in a way that may not align with traditional blind styles. Venetian or Pleated blinds are not as practical as they may wave in the breeze and tangle easily. Therefore, integral blinds for bifold doors provide a fantastic solution while adding style to your space. 

Their sleek and modest design means they could be a fantastic option for windows in commercial buildings and offices. The cordless and unobtrusive operation, along with their modern style, can contribute to the professionalism of your space. As the pleats are sealed away in the double glazed unit, they pose no fire hazard in the way traditional blinds may. You can benefit from a heightened level of safety in your workspace or commercial building when you opt for windows with integrated blinds. 

Attractive Range on Integral Blinds

These superior integrated blinds are available in a selection of 14 attractive colours, so they are guaranteed to suit any window or door design in your Braintree or Essex home.  

Our integrated blinds are available in both Venetian and Pleated designs. This means they are an ideal option for a wide range of windowsdoorsconservatories and orangeries. The Venetian style may the perfect fit for your bathrooms or kitchen. However, the Pleated range may be ideal for bedrooms where you may want to block out as much light as possible during the night and early morning. Their maintenance free design enables you to open up your windows or conservatories in the summer without worrying about dirt or dust from outside destroying your integral blinds. 

With such a vast range, you can enjoy all the benefits of a unique structure crafted to your individual taste with excellent UV protection and high safety standards in Essex.

Flexible Finance Options

Here at Bluemanor, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of flexible finance options to help you on your home improvement journey. We have partnered with Improveeasy, a leading finance company who specialise in bespoke financial solutions for homeowners looking to achieve the home of their dreams. If you are looking to enhance your home, take a look at our finance options to find out how Bluemanor can help you.

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