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Stunning Garden Rooms in Clacton on Sea, Essex

Bluemanor is a trusted local installer Ultraframe‘s garden rooms in Clacton on Sea and in the surrounding areas. Garden rooms are a way of expanding your home with a separate, freestanding space. While conservatories and extensions connect directly to your home, often taking up some of your garden, your garden room will sit inside nature. As a result, you can get a sense of separation from your home and enjoy the outside world in comfort.

By working with Ultraframe, Bluemanor can offer the best garden rooms on the market today in Clacton on Sea. Stylish, innovative and comfortable all year round, these garden rooms are sure to be a superb investment. Our garden rooms have advanced double glazing, slimline profiles and super-insulated columns, too. And, by choosing Bluemanor, you can save time and money on expanding your home.

garden rooms in clacton on sea

Studio Garden Room

At Bluemanor, we can offer both of Ultraframe’s garden rooms for your home in Clacton on Sea. Firstly, we offer the Studio build, a contemporary design that looks sleek, stylish and modern. With a 2500mm height and slimline frames, these builds are bright, airy and spacious. And, with a Tall Studio variant, you can increase that height by 400mm to get even more new space.

Studio garden rooms, then, are perfect for allowing light in during summer. However, when the weather isn’t as good, these garden rooms are just as effective. Your new build will have a fully weatherproof structure, keeping wind and rain out and ensuring the structural integrity of the design. You’ll also benefit from Ultrapanel wall technology that can help you achieve U-values of 0.16 in our garden rooms in Clacton on Sea!

Pavilion Garden Room

However, you could choose a more traditional garden rooms design for your Clacton on Sea home. Ultraframe also design the Pavilion series of garden rooms, which have more traditional features such as a double-hipped Georgian style roof. But, rather than feel old, your new garden room will perform like a cutting-edge design should. You’ll get a Livinroof as standard, meaning you get excellent heat and sound insulation.

Pavilion garden rooms are also very versatile. With a spacious design, you’ll be able to use one of these garden rooms for almost any purpose in your Clacton on Sea home. You could design your new space as a home office, home gym, social area or even a dining room. However you’d like to use garden rooms in Clacton on Sea, Bluemanor can fit Ultraframe’s designs made-to-measure in as little as 1-2 days.

Flexible Finance Options

Here at Bluemanor, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of flexible finance options to help you on your home improvement journey. We have partnered with Improveeasy, a leading finance company who specialise in bespoke financial solutions for homeowners looking to achieve the home of their dreams. If you are looking to enhance your home, take a look at our finance options to find out how Bluemanor can help you.

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Benefits of Garden Rooms in Clacton on Sea, Essex

Energy Efficiency

Ultraframe’s garden rooms can stay warm no matter the weather outside. Our builds meet Building Regulations for house extensions, ensuring excellent efficiency.

Bright & Airy

Our garden rooms allow natural light in while keeping the cold out. High-quality integrated glazing lets you enjoy nature while insulating your room all year round.

Fast To Install

Bluemanor loves installing Ultraframe’s garden rooms because its quick and easy! We could fit new garden rooms in as little as 1-2 days for your Clacton on Sea home.

Outstanding Security

When you choose Ultraframe’s garden rooms, you can get peace of mind in Clacton on Sea. Our designs have toughened glazing and multi-point locking systems to keep you safe.


Ultraframe’s garden rooms can benefit your Clacton on Sea home for decades to come. Your new build will perform for 30 years or longer and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Expert Installations

By choosing Bluemanor, you can fit new garden rooms with an Ultra Approved Installer in Clacton on Sea. You’ll be able to get a high-quality design for less time and money!

Versatile Garden Rooms

Garden Home Office

Our garden rooms are the ideal space to work and focus without any distraction. Create a new home office with our garden rooms in Clacton on Sea today!

Home Gym

You can also use our garden rooms to exercise in peace. Our designs are bright and expansive, making them spacious and ideal as a brand-new home gym area.

Social Hangout

You can bring everybody into your new garden room to enjoy the outside world. Our garden rooms are perfect social spaces for your home in Clacton on Sea.

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Garden Room Prices Clacton on Sea, Essex

If you want to find out more about how garden rooms from Ultraframe could enhance your Clacton on Sea home, get in touch with Bluemanor today! As one of Ultraframe’s approved installers, our team is fully qualified to fit these leading designs. Not only that, we’ll fit them with short lead times, at competitive prices, and with care and courtesy.

Get in touch via sales@bluemanorwindows.co.uk, over the phone on 01376 322 266 or by filling in our online contact form today to find out more!

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