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Stunning Garden Rooms in Witham, Essex

With Bluemanor, you can invest in gorgeous garden rooms from a trusted local installer in Witham. We work with Ultraframe to offer their innovative new range of garden rooms to homes throughout Essex and the surrounding areas. If you want a new space in your home that gives you a feeling of separation and privacy, a garden room does just that. Your build will be versatile, warm and connected to nature.

We source our range of garden rooms from Ultraframe: a market-leading manufacturer. As a result, your new space will be packed full of features that make these builds the best available. You’ll get super-insulated columns that make your garden room five times more thermally efficient than their competitors, and a range of customisable hardware is also available!

garden rooms witham

Studio Garden Room

When you explore our range of garden rooms for your Witham home, you can choose from one of two styles. Firstly, our Studio garden rooms are a contemporary design with sleek profiles and clean lines. Available in both Small and Tall designs, our Studio garden rooms have floor-to-ceiling glazing. Because of this, natural light will flow throughout your new living space.

Our Studio garden rooms perform well for your Witham home too. Your design will have super-insulated columns, which ensure that your new space won’t be at the mercy of temperatures outside. Not only that, our builds come with a stylish anthracite grey finish as standard, providing a textured look to your design that draws the eye.

With one of our garden rooms, you’ll also be able to design the build around your needs. Our Studio builds are incredibly versatile, allowing you to use them for several purposes. You could create a warm home office, an expansive home gym or something else entirely! We put all the options at your fingertips to put you in control.

Pavilion Garden Room

However, you can also invest in garden rooms from Bluemanor that bring traditional quality to your Witham home. Our Pavilion garden rooms are perfect for this, as their designs come loaded with classic features. You’ll get a double-hipped Georgian roof that creates plenty of overhead space and an orangery-like feel. Because of this, these builds are incredibly expansive and open.

Your garden room’s roof will allow natural light to come rushing in from above, creating a bright and airy feel in your new living space. And, with four integrated rooflights, the sun will have even more ways to make your new build glow. Additionally, our Pavilion garden rooms still have modern features where you need them, such as with advanced double glazing that reduces glare and the greenhouse effect.

You could even take a look at our Premium garden rooms if you’d like something high-end. Our Premium builds feature in-line super-insulated columns that block more cold air from entering around your windows. Because of this, our garden rooms can outperform old timber builds, yet they’ll still add traditional style to your home.

Flexible Finance Options

Here at Bluemanor, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of flexible finance options to help you on your home improvement journey. We have partnered with Improveeasy, a leading finance company who specialise in bespoke financial solutions for homeowners looking to achieve the home of their dreams. If you are looking to enhance your home, take a look at our finance options to find out how Bluemanor can help you.

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Benefits of Garden Rooms in Witham, Essex

Energy Efficiency

Bluemanor’s garden rooms can meet the same Building Regulations that govern house extensions. As a result, they’ll be just as warm and comfortable, but you won’t have to pay the high price!

Bright & Airy

Ultraframe’s garden rooms are broad and expansive, with integrated floor-to-ceiling glazing. Natural light flows right across the build, meaning you get stunning sightlines of the world around you.

Fast To Install

It could take months to expand your home with other designs. However, Bluemanor’s garden rooms take much less time. You could complete the build of your new space in 1-2 days!

Outstanding Security

Our garden rooms can also give you peace of mind in your Witham home. With outstanding security hardware across the design, your garden room will protect whatever you put inside it from intruders.


Our range of Ultraframe garden rooms can perform for over 30 years, without regular maintenance! And, if anything goes wrong, our comprehensive 10-year guarantee ensures you’re covered.

Expert Installations

When you choose Bluemanor to install garden rooms in Witham, you’ll work with a local company you can trust. We have over 20 years of experience fitting these designs in Witham and throughout Essex.

Versatile Garden Rooms

Garden Home Office

You could create a new workspace with one of our garden rooms in Witham. Our designs are perfect for home offices, providing a balance of light and privacy that creates the ideal room to focus and work.

Home Gym

Our garden rooms are exceptionally versatile, with a range of layout options available. Because of this, you’ll be able to create a room that’s fit for getting fit, with new exercise equipment and ample floor space.

Social Hangout

If you have a garden room, you’ll have the perfect place to socialise with friends and family. Our thermally efficient designs ensure you and your guests will be warm and comfortable in all conditions.

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Garden Room Prices Witham, Essex

Speak to Bluemanor today to invest in gorgeous garden rooms for your Witham home for less! We can offer Ultraframe’s market-leading designs at competitive prices for homes in Essex and the surrounding areas. Our experienced fitters will always go the extra mile for your build, too, treating your home as they would their own.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, email us via sales@bluemanorwindows.co.uk or call our team on 01376 322 266! You can also ask us any other questions by filling in our online contact form.

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