New Windows and Doors – Why Cheaper Isn′t Better

New Windows and Doors – Why Cheaper Isn′t Better

When it comes to home improvement projects, we understand that finding the best price is important. While finding cost-effective products is a smart move, going straight for the cheapest option can end up costing you more money in the future.

At Bluemanor Windows, we supply and install a large range of double glazed windows and doors. Our high quality products are suitable for all property aesthetics and homeowner budgets. There are definitely cheaper alternatives available on the market today, but a low price often equates to a low quality product.

Keep reading to discover why cheaper isn’t better when it comes to buying new windows and doors.

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Unreliable Security

Double glazing offers superior strength and security when compared to outdated single glazing. However, not all double glazed windows and doors are made equal, and a cheap product can compromise the safety of your home. High quality windows and doors are often manufactured with robust locking systems and high grade materials. These products may be more expensive, but they offer homeowners reliable protection and total peace of mind.

At Bluemanor Windows, we provide homeowners across Essex with market leading secure products - offering Yale's high security, multi-point shootbolt locks throughout our uPVC windows and doors. Built to withstand high forces of impact, all Bluemanor windows and doors provide home security you can trust.

Poor Quality

Cheap windows and doors often come with a hidden cost, and that price is their quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and choosing a budget product is rarely a good idea. Poor quality windows and doors are often manufactured with low grade materials. If you are looking for an installation that will look and perform at its best for many years to come, avoid those tempting cheap prices.

We only install windows and doors that have been manufactured in the UK. When you work with Bluemanor Windows, you are guaranteed strong and durable windows and doors. The profiles we work with will continue to look and perform at their best for well over a decade.

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Expensive Heat Loss

Homes lose a large percentage of heat through their windows and doors. Cheap products are often unable to offer adequate levels of energy efficiency, resulting in unnecessary heat loss. A smaller cost today will often lead to more expensive energy bills in the future.

When you invest in energy efficient windows and doors, your home will stay warmer for longer. The double glazed products we install feature multi-chambered frames for added insulation, trapping pockets of warm air inside your property.

You can learn the energy efficiency of double glazed windows and doors by checking the energy rating sticker. At Bluemanor, our products are highly energy efficient and receive an A+ energy rating. It may be tempting to pay less for new windows and doors, but the initial savings are not worth the poor thermal performance your home will experience.

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Premature Deterioration

Cheap windows and doors have a short life span. While these products may be kinder on your bank balance today, they will need to be replaced much earlier than more expensive products. Windows and doors with a larger price tag are often made from durable materials. These windows and doors are built to last for several decades. It is worth investing in more expensive windows and doors as they will continue to offer peak performance and look just like new ones for many years.

Cheap windows can deteriorate prematurely, especially if you live in an area with poor weather conditions. Exposure to the natural elements can take its toll on windows and doors, especially those made from low grade materials. All Bluemanor products are weather resistant and manufactured with durable uPVC or aluminium.

By investing in our windows and doors, there will be no need to pay for expensive repairs or replacements in a few years time. When you avoid the cheapest windows and doors, you will experience several money saving benefits right away. Crafted with premium materials, when you choose our top quality double glazed home improvements, you will benefit from enhanced security, thermal performance, long lasting visual appeal and quality guarantees of 10-15 years.

Affordable Windows & Doors Built To Last!

If it is time to upgrade your home’s windows and doors, choose Bluemanor Windows for a cost-effective installation. We supply and install high quality double glazing in Essex and Suffolk. Our product range includes a wide selection of customisable designs. We provide homeowners with several window and door profiles from renowned British fabricators, including Liniar and Smart Aluminium.

When it comes to upgrading your home, ignore the cheap price tags and invest in our cost-effective windows and doors. By paying a little bit more today, your home will benefit for many years to come.

Contact the Bluemanor Windows team to discuss your window and door installation today.

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New Windows and Doors – Why Cheaper Isn′t Better

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