What are Trickle Vents on Windows?

What are Trickle Vents on Windows?

With advancements in glazing manufacturing, keeping properties warm has become easier than ever. Many homeowners today are investing in energy efficient windows and doors and these profiles have been designed with heat retention in mind. A well sealed profile will keep cold draughts out and prevent a home's heat from escaping. While a tight seal is great for insulation, it can lead to ventilation issues - this is where trickle vents come in!

At Bluemanor Windows, we supply and install a premium quality range of windows and doors across Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and more! In this article, our glazing experts are sharing everything you need to know about trickle vents. While heat retention is important, the need for reliable ventilation should not be overlooked.

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What are Trickle Vents?

If you have ever noticed a slit in the top of your window or door frame, this is a trickle vents. These small slots are integrated into the profile frame to provide a constant flow of air between your interior spaces and outside. With trickle vents installed, windows and doors are able to provide a continuous stream of ventilation.

Trickle vents are a compulsory feature on new windows and doors. If you are building an extension, trickle vents are also required on your frames to comply with current building regulations. While trickle vents do have a cover and can be closed, it is recommended that homeowners leave the small slots open as often as possible.

Modern homes are often built to be as airtight as possible. While these thoroughly sealed properties often retain heat at a much higher level than older properties, it is possible to have a home that is too airtight. Trickle vents are essential for the ventilation of contemporary properties and should be left open all year round.

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Do I Need Trickle Vents on My Windows?

Trickle vents offer reliable 'background ventilation' for your home. Simply put, the vents provide constant air flow but will not keep your home cool and breezy on a hot summer day. If your current windows and doors have trickle vents, your replacement profiles will also need to include this feature. To comply with UK building regulations, all new windows and doors must be fitted with trickle vents in the frame.

“For homeowners considering upgrading their windows, it's essential to understand the benefits of trickle vents in maintaining indoor air quality and improving ventilation. Since building regulations changed in June 2022 (Approved Document F), we have made sure that our entire range of UPVC windows feature trickle vents to comply. As a result, our customers can enjoy improved ventilation without compromising on energy efficiency or security.”

Mark Nuth, Sales & Marketing Manager

Pros & Cons of Trickle Vents

Many homeowners worry that trickle vents can make their home draughty or pose as a security risk. The truth is, the advantages of professionally installed trickle vents far outweigh any of the associated drawbacks.

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• Secure ventilation - The easiest way to ventilate your home is to open your windows but we understand this isn't always an appealing option due to the British weather! With trickle vents installed, your home will benefit from frequent and secure ventilation. Leaving the windows open while you are out can put your home at risk, whereas it would be almost impossible for intruders to gain entry to your property via a trickle vent!

• Reduced condensation - Poorly ventilated homes can suffer from condensation build-up and damp issues. With trickle vent windows, your home will benefit from constant air flow and any pollutants in your home will be able to find their way outside. These small vents effectively reduce humidity inside the home and provide fresh air 24/7.

• Comply with building regulations - Windows and doors are not built to last forever and there will come a time when an upgrade is necessary. To comply with current Building Regulations, replacement profiles must have trickle vents installed, regardless of whether the old frames included background ventilation or not. This regulation is in place to help prevent condensation and pollutant build-up inside the home, as this can lead to structural damage.

• Improved performance - With trickle vents installed, windows and doors are able to 'breathe' better. The steady air flow helps to prevent pressure build-up inside the profile and can lead to enhanced longevity of the frames.

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• Risk of draughts - Poorly installed trickle vents can cause temperature issues, especially on cold and windy days. If the vents are not properly fitted, cold draughts may be able to enter your property and cause the interior temperature to drop.

• Sound pollution - There is a slight risk that trickle vents can negatively impact your home's acoustic insulation. When left open, trickle vents provide a possible route for exterior noise to enter your living space.

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Upgrade Your Home with Bluemanor Windows

At Bluemanor Windows, we supply and install a wide range of double glazing products across Essex and surrounding counties. We provide homeowners with high quality windows, doors, conservatories and roofline solutions. All of our double glazing is manufactured to the highest standards. With a Bluemanor Windows installation, your home will benefit from enhanced security, energy efficiency and curb appeal.

To discuss your double glazing installation with our expert team, call 01376322266. Alternatively, you can get in touch by entering your query into our online contact form. We look forward to transforming your home with our energy efficient windows soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trickle vents good?

As explored above, trickle vents will prevent moisture build up in your home. Modern properties and home improvements are designed to keep your home insulated. However, unless you circulate air in your home by opening windows or doors daily, your airtight home is susceptible to damp.

Trickle vents are designed to be left open as frequently as you like. During the winter period, many homeowners feel inclined to close their trickle vents to prevent heat loss. However, heat loss or cold draughts are marginal, so we would advise you to keep your trickle vents open.

Trickle vents are expertly crafted to improve air quality in your home without compromising on interior temperatures. They allow a continuously small airflow to circulate your property. This airflow should not affect indoor temperatures or cause a noticeable draught.

As trickle vents allow fresh air to enter your home, many homeowners also worry that unwanted noise will enter. However, noise ingress is minimal with standard trickle vents. Yet, we offer customers a variety of trickle vents, including acoustic trickle vents, which incorporate additional insulating materials to effectively buffer exterior sounds inside your home.

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What are Trickle Vents on Windows?

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